Can I tug on your heart strings? My friend Sam, aka "Operation Jack" is attempting to run 61 marathons in ONE year. And by attempt I mean he has already run 58- FIFTY EIGHT!! I can barely spell fifty eight! Sam's 6.5 year old son Jack has autism. His dad wants to help his son (and others out there) with this heart breaking condition.

So on Sunday, December 26, 2010 Sam will run his 61st and final marathon (of the year) in beautiful California. I know you wish you could be there just for the sun instead of ice or another blizzard. BUT since that's not a option, why don't we make sunshine & support Sam and Train 4 Autism virtually? That's probably the best kind of sunshine anyway- no skin cancer ;) We will be a part of a large "satellite" group running with Sam. Pretty cool, eh?

So here's the nitty gritty.

Where: Washington DC  (duh)

When: Sunday, December 26

Time: 9am

Location: Meet at Le Pain Quotiden 2000 Massachusetts at 20th & P Street/ Dupont Circle

Distance: 6.1 (miles, beers, ice cream- kidding)

Getting there: Red line to Dupont Circle or street parking (no excuses!)

We'll run (or walk) then afterwards we'll have brunch at Le Pain Quotiden. See, there is food involved.

Okay, can't run? Ditch the family that are driving you crazy ( you knew you wanted an excuse) and come join us for brunch. You know you want too!

Please send me (Sarah) an email ( if you plan to eat, run, walk, lurk or stalk.

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