I have an editorial calendar that tells me what to publish/write each day. It is booked a month out. It keeps me accountable & on track, but sometimes you just have to write what is on your heart and mind. And so today's original post will be published at later date. I will make the assumption that you've been reading the last few days articles. If you haven't, I encourage you to go read them.

You know that I attempted to run another 100 mile ultramarathon a few days ago. I only ran 80 miles because I missed the cutoff by one minute. ONE FREAKING MINUTE. I've had a lot of people ask me about that one minute. How did it feel? Why did it happen? Am I upset?

I've had time to reflect, analyse, and sleep on that ONE MINUTE and here my thoughts.

Sometimes what we think is a horrible thing, is actually a blessing. But too often we are so caught up in being pissed off with that ONE MINUTE that we don't look for the blessing. When Joe (the race director) asked me for my timing chip back I burst into tears. Running for 24 hour straight hours might have had something to do with it! I pleaded with him to let me finish what I started, but the answer was no (if he let me, he would have to let everybody do it). I accepted it and gratefully sat down collapsed on the chair in the darkness.

That ONE MINUTE all comes down to perspective. Either you can be bitter or you can be thankful. If you gave it everything you had and then some and still more, you will have no regrets. Use that ONE MINUTE to show others that God knows what He is doing.

I believe that God gave me that ONE MINUTE as his way of saying, "you know what Sarah, you've had enough. Go get some sleep. I love you and care about you and I will spare you". While I always start what I finish, this was a new concept for me to grasp in the middle of being up for almost 30 hours on end. I'll finish what I started, just not this time around. (Yes, I guess that means I'll be back.) Instead of being upset at that ONE MINUTE, I'm actually thankful for it. Yes, thankful for it.

You see, life isn't a fairy tale. Real life has major disappointments. Setbacks. Challenges. ONE MINUTE'S. We can either accept our ONE MINUTE and look for the blessing or be bitter. We control how we react. React with bitterness and you'll see everything from a deep, dark place. React with grace and courage and see things with mercy and compassion and God's faithfulness.

What is your ONE MINUTE? Look at it from a different (positive) perspective. It may just change your outlook on life. And bring you closer to God.

peace, sweat, love: life


Photo credit: O2Images