Nashville, Tenn., to many is where dreams come true or die. It's where "starving artists" are found. And where people are trying to "make it." I knew that Nashville would hold a special place in my heart. Last Monday, the FIT Project was about to fall apart. I didn't have a plane ticket for starters as well as a place to crash and a ride to/from airport, race start/finish and a million other things. I knew deep down in my heart that the trip would happen, I just didn't know how.

A lot of us say we live by faith, but we never actually know what that really means. As I have alluded in some past articles, the last two years have been ALL about faith. To keep it real, I'll give you snippets of what the past five days looked liked for me :).

Two days before I was supposed to leave, an anonymous person used their credits for my plane ticket.

A friend from church gave me a ride to the airport (at 4:30 a.m. I might add).

Thirty minutes before my flight was departing, a stranger (turned friend) said she & her husband could pick me up when I landed in Nashville. And I hung out at the expo with them till late afternoon.

Five hours before I needed to sleep, a friend of a friend of a friend found me a place to stay. And the husband is training for Western States (although he was traveling so I didn't get to meet him).

I walked from the Convention Center to their home. A good four miles. Thankfully, my legs are used to being transportation :).

Got a ride to/from the race.

Had to change living spaces on Saturday afternoon after the race (surprise!) and stayed with a wonderful family just outside Nashville. Their four kids pretty much fell in love with me.

So, despite not knowing what would happen when I got to Nashville, it all worked out. Is living by faith scary? In some ways, YES. But when you don't have a choice, you believe in the process. And living by faith for a planner (had a event planning company for six years) is not an easy thing. But I've become a stronger & more compassionate person in the process.

How have you seen faith in your life?