I've been traveling the last week (not new news), enjoying some down time with great friends and of course, TRAINING. Just because I've been on the down low, doesn't mean I've been slacking. I ran 55 miles last week. Not a lot - my training plan goal is to run up to 90 miles per week. The key? Staying injury free. My approach to this 100 mile training is to do quality training vs quantity. We'll see how that goes with Ms. Overachiever :). On Black Friday I ran a slow 20 miler. While everybody else was fighting crowds, pepper spray and other obnoxious things, I was moving my body! It felt amazing to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and RUN. 

Ran a trail 10K with my friend Rachel on Saturday, which was SO much fun! Which meant I ran 26.2 miles in a day :). Sunday was a recovery and Soul Food day - went to Genesis Church - will write about that later, Rachel and I made a healthy lunch, Kale Chips, which the kids devoured, watched a movie by the crackling fireplace, took a nap, made a healthy Apple Crisp, cleaned the kitchen, listened to Christmas music, then went to their bowling league. Where I might have to take up bowling a little more frequently as I managed to get quite a few strikes! It was a total blast and nice to have some down time.

Monday, Nov. 28 I ran six miles, did stair intervals, full body weights and core work to make a total of three hours of training for the day. The weather wasn't the best (rainy), but training goes on! That evening, I was invited over to Steve Wallen's (pastor at Genesis Church) home for dinner with his family. And yes, I brought a salad with my special, secret salad dressing :). It was another great evening spending time with like-minded friends!

And if I thought the weather wasn't nice yesterday, today was even WORSE! It poured all day and by the time I went out for my run it was snowing. Now I love to run in the snow, but this was bipolar snow. Snow, ice, sleet, rain, and the wind. By the time I returned, my face was ever so slightly cut up, my eyes red and stinging ... but hey I got in 11 miles and that's what counts! All in a day's work :).


I have another busy week ahead. Flights, a marathon Sunday and endless other life stuff (like a move), but you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. I am very grateful for the gift of running that God has given me and I intend to put it to good use.

Oh and parting thoughts. As I was running, I was thinking how the world would be a much happier place if they just put their health second (God first). Not going shopping for crap that you can't take with you. Sadly, Americans thrive on their instant gratification.  

Oh and in case you are new here, WELCOME! I am training to run my second 100 mile ultra marathon (Rocky Raccoon) on Feb. 4, 2012 and attempting to get 100 kids sponsored for Team World Vision. Why not make a difference this Christmas and give the gift of life? You can sponsor a child by going here. Make sure you put my name in the athlete box so we can keep track!

Peace, sweat and love life!!