When I was training for my 1st 100miler in 2009 I kept you informed via this site PLUS videos. Partly because I got questions on what my training was like and partly because when I am 80 years old it might be fun to show my grandkids what grandma did way back when. :) So. Here we are again. November 18, 2011. I am once again embarking down the 100 mile (that's running folks) training path once again. Once again I will be attempting to run 100 miles on Feb 4, 2012. I officially registered for the race on November  7, 2011. Glup.

It. Is. Official.

I just ran 2 marathons in 7 days and feel effing fantastic. I have 77 days till D-day. My goal is to get to the start line of Rocky Raccoon 100 mile ultra HEALTHY. I will have a lot of travel in these next 77 days so I will make REST a key part of my training. I have a couple of marathons, potentially a back-to-back marathon weekend the first week of January and the rest is all about staying injury free and strong. Both physically and mentally.

AND with everything I do, I'm not just running 100 miles for the hell of it. I'm praying and hoping to get 100 kids sponsored in Africa for/with Team World Vision. 100 miles. 100 kids. Would you consider sponsoring a child in Africa so they can have clean water, HIV/AIDS prevention and care. nutritious food, etc? I sponsor a child in Africa and I can't wait to meet her someday!

Will you also help the children in need? Contact me for a child sponsorship packet or go directly to here. In the box where it says "athletes name" if you can please put mine (Sarah Stanley), that would be great (World Vision keeps tally of this number of the kids I will get sponsored). I want to see this goal fulfilled just as much as I want to complete my 2nd 100miler. THANK YOU!!

So, here it is. Nov 18, 2011. I ran 10 miles, rode 15 miles and did an hour of yoga. I feel great. And that's saying something given that it's almost the end of a pretty grueling year. I am grateful to God for giving me another day on this earth to make a difference.

Peace, sweat and love life!