My Day Job Versus IS My Passion A lot of people who ask me "what I do". I have a passion for fitness. I have a passion for running. I have a passion for life. For me it is not "my day job versus my passion". My day job IS my passion. I believe in living your passion, not just talking about.

I think that sometimes we think that we can't make our passion a vital part of our life, just a hope that it can be. Life is too short to not make your passion a part of your life.

So what do I do? I write. I coach. I train full time. I run (a lot). I inspire others to live a healthy life. I motivate & encourage people to get their butt off the couch & get moving. I speak to groups. I network. I engage others. And oh yes, I am passionate about everything!

Hi, I am Sarah and I am passionate. What can I do for you?

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