Are you a Monday Morning Quarterback? Or a motivator and encourager (what I refer to as "ME"). The world has plenty of people that sit back and criticize you for something they don't have the courage to do in the first place. Or place judgement on you without even walking a second in your shoes. You see, it is REALLY easy to cast "what-you-should've-done" on someone else without even understanding their basic circumstances.

Case in point, this past Saturday I attempted to summit a 13, 423 feet mountain in the dead of winter. (If you haven't read the recap, you probably should. The last 24 hours has actually shown me that I didn't realize how close to death I really was. Looking back, it feels like I am living the nightmare all over again. But that is a story for another day.) I'm not entirely sure how it was got a hold of (I try to remain anonymous when/where I can) but someone found my "Winter Mountaineering Adventure Recap" article and thus began the Monday Morning Quarterback effect. Thankfully, some nice people stuck up for me and I even received a very kind email from the captain of Custer County SAR (Search And Rescue). He explained that Brain and I essentially performed a self-rescue. And there was nothing else we could have done (he said if we had waited for SAR, I could've been dead by that time). While I stayed off the boards for the most part, I was hearing through the grapevine that I was the topic of the day. So I posted two statements and didn't read any further. Everyone came out of the wood-work to offer their take on the day & what I did wrong (I already know that!) And a lot of the comments were unfounded and were made by people who had no idea what happened that day.

And here is the point: it is very east to cast judgement on a situation that you have no business judging. People get bored, people think they know everything, and suddenly people are experts on your life, your situation  in a matter of seconds. When we haven't gone through something that another person has, we have no business telling them what they should/shouldn't do. Can we offer advice and suggestions for how they might be better prepared for the next time? Sure. Can we do it in a loving, caring way? You bet! 

When we operate from a place of love, grace, compassion, mercy, humbleness and kindness, everything we do changes. But if operate from a place of judgement & criticism, people get hurt. And tt's been said that hurt people hurt people. Well we should be forgiven people forgiven people. (Read it slowly.)

Are you a Monday (or Thursday) Morning Quarterback? What can you do to change that?  Can you be a ME: Motivator Encourager? The world doesn't need to hear that they suck; they want to know that they have hope. The world doesn't need to be told that they made mistakes (they usually already know this) they need encouragement that they can get back up and live a better life. 

Food for thought: What kind of person are you? What kind of person do you want to be?

peace, sweat, love: life

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