You and I both have memories. Some good. Some bad. Some happy. Some sad. Some bittersweet. Memories are funny like that. They have the effect to make us think back to that moment it time with happy or sad emotion. And today is one of those such moments for me.

In fact, every March 15 is a memory-charged day for me. As I was mentally preparing for today, I thought about what makes us think about memory makers. And how our reaction to the sad memory makers can make or break us as a person.

Memories can be marked from all sorts of various things. Birth, first race finish line crossed, first house, first driver's license, weight loss goal achieved - they all come back to one thing. Life. Life is made up of life changing memories, but what about sad memories?

Sometimes we let sad or difficult memory makers become memory markers (read that carefully) because we don't want to move on. But if we perpetually stay in the marker stage instead of healing and moving on, we are only hurting ourselves. And we'll always have trouble when that date rolls around. So what can you do?

Acknowledge. The first thing we have to do is acknowledge the pain behind the memory. Brushing it under the carpet won't do a bit of good. Sooner than later, something will trigger an emotion and you won't be able to hold it back. As painful as it might be, by acknowledging it is where the healing actually begins.

Accept. Accepting the memory won't make the memory go away, but it does make it easier to deal with it. By choosing to heal and moving on with our life is where freedom can be found. Also, accepting the memory doesn't mean that what happened is right, accepting the memory just means we can live life without looking behind our shoulder. And ask God to help you accept it to. Our healing comes from Him.

Appreciate. Appreciate the memory marker. Strive and seek to find the positive in it. It might be hard to do, but when we acknowledge and accept whatever memory is troubling us, we can step back and appreciate what we learned. Life is so much better when we can appreciate the things that make us a better and stronger person.

Food for thought: Do you have a memory marker that you need to make a memory?


(In honor of my memory maker, Hannah. Happy birthday, Hannah. I will always love you. And you will always hold a special place in my heart.)

photo credit: Pink Sherbet