Mondays are typically a day that people dread. How many people do you know that say “Happy Monday!” (well, besides me)? Very few! Well, we want to help you have a positive day, week, month, year, life … So every Monday we have a series called ME: Motivation Encouragement. This is one way we can help you start your Monday off on the right foot! What are you struggling with today? Like the intro says, Monday's are generally tough days for people. So let me ask you this next question. (Perhaps today's article should be called Question Monday :))

Do you have love in your life? Not the wishy-washy kind of love, but true, compassionate, tender hearted love?

Sometimes encouragement comes in the form of love. When you give love, you receive love. And when you have love in your life, the whole world seems brighter. Fun. Life is doable.

Love in a relationship isn't the only way to receive love though. You can give love by being kind, thoughtful and compassionate. Seeing a need- big or small- and doing something about it. It's interesting that when you give love, your outlook and mood improves. Love is a natural mood-lifter! Love can give you hope. Love can give you peace. Love can give you love.

If you are feeling down, discouraged, or unmotivated, go love someone. It will lift you and the person you love! How can you love? Here are two practical ways to love: send a handwritten card (yes snail mail). Call a friend (yes an old fashioned thing called a telephone).

Your acts of love encourage not only you, but the person receiving the love. Love is amazing and I'm thankful that I get to experience real love and give that love to others.

Food for thought: who can you show your love to today?


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