Mondays are typically a day that people dread. How many people do you know that say “Happy Monday!” (well, besides me)? Very few! Well, we want to help you have a positive day, week, month, year, life … So every Monday we have a series called ME: Motivation Encouragement. This is one way we can help you start your Monday off on the right foot! Question: which F word do you live by? Fear or faith?

Sometimes it's easier to fear potential fear than to take a risk and be proven that you had nothing to fear all along.

Last week, I was having a conversation that produced the above thought (you're welcome). I made the comment that I feared what might happen. Keyword: might. They responded back "what's there to fear?" It hit me like an avalanche. I was fearing nothing. What could happen. What might happen. Using past situations to justify future fear. Letting fear stop me from fully living life. Using fear as an excuse to not do something for what might happen. At that every moment I made the mental switch to stop living it fear and start living in faith. Freedom. Peace. 

Realizing this was so empowering. I realized that I had been living an excuse of fear. Most of us - at least not me - think of fear as an excuse, but it is. "What if I fall down and scrape my knee?" So I'm not going to run. "What if I hop on my bike and fall over?" So I'm not going to ride. "What if I get in a relationship and it doesn't work out and I get hurt?" So I'm going to stay single. "What if the plane crashes?" So I'm not going to fly. (Planes are actually the safest form of travel - more car crashes than plane crashes.) Name your fear/excuse.

Fear is like worry. Both are about things that haven't even happened and probably never will. Live in freedom and faith.

So what if you fall down and scrape your knee? You get back up again and keep running. What if you fall over on your bike? You get back on the bike and ride. What if you end up breaking up? You heal, learn and move forward. Most times, our fear is unjustified and never even happens. Making fear have a stronger grip on our lives then faith does. 

You live by faith, then no matter what happens, God will always be there. Faith isn't thinking that everything will work out the way we want it, faith is trusting and believing that God has a greater plan for us. Fear is keeping us from living a life that God wants us to have.

So today, say no to fear. Say yes to faith.

What's your fear/excuse? Make a commitment to say no to fear and start living by faith!



Photo credit: Dayana Neid