Mondays are typically a day that people dread. How many people do you know that say “Happy Monday!” (well, besides me)? Very few! Well, we want to help you have a positive day, week, month, year, life … So every Monday we have a series called ME: Motivation Encouragement. This is one way we can help you start your Monday off on the right foot! (And the day that this is published is the day after losing one hour/daylight savings time. People will be talking complaining about it for weeks.)  Question: do you have hope?

There is a ton of negativity, darkness, sadness and despair in the world.  People are looking for hope more then ever. And when you have hope, it gives others hope too. If you don't have hope and faith that you are going to make it, life can be pretty tough. But when you have hope, everything changes. And hope doesn't have to be an earth-shattering revelation, it can be a small spark that will eventually lead to a giant bonfire. If you lose hope, you've got to find it. Not having hope is like going a day without coffee. Or water. 

Hope is the difference between having a very good day or a very bad day. When we let our circumstances dictate our hope scale, things will always be unstable. When our hope is based in Jesus, our hope will always be there. When we become overwhelmed with earthly troubles and our hope becomes clouded, it is important to remember that just because we can't see the sky, hope is still there.  

How can you regain hope if you've lost it? Here are some ways that might help you to restore your hope again.

#1) Positive outlook/perspective. A positive outlook can do immense wonders for your mood. 

#2) Good friends. If the people you hang out with are always full of doom & gloom, it's probably a wise idea that you make (and find) new friends. When you keep good company, your spirit will be lifted automatically. 

#3) Recognize the little picture. Sometimes we get so hung up on the big picture that we forget we actually need to live today. Right here and now. Keep the big picture in mind, but don't forget to keep living day by day. Being faithful in the little things builds longterm success. 

#4) You have to want hope. No one can make you have hope. Other people can help plant the hope seed, but it comes down to your effort to keep the hope alive. You have to want hope.

#5) Daily life. Hope also depends on what you are (or aren't doing). Exercise, eating a healthy diet, drinking water, keeping the faith- these are all things that can keep hope growing in our lives.

#6) Goals. Goals can help us keep focused when it seems like everything is lost. Perhaps you've lost a job, a house, a relationship, a car or maybe your surround by debt. Whatever it is, write down what you want and the action steps to make that happen. When we take the time to physically write down what we are seeking and the action plan, it gives us a sense of accomplishment. Of course the hard part is doing the action steps :).

#7) Jesus. Ultimately Jesus is the only one that can give us the hope we are seeking and needing in our life. Jesus can take your darkness and give you light & life! It doesn't get much better then that my friend! When we acknowledge that Jesus is our only source of hope, the way we view life changes. 

Psalm 39:7 " And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you."

Food for thought: it's Monday. If you've lost hope, how can you renew it? If you do have hope, can you share it with those around you?

peace, sweat, love: life


Photo credit: rkramer62