Mondays are typically a day that people dread. How many people do you know that say “Happy Monday!” (well, besides me)? Very few! Well, we want to help you have a positive day, week, month, year, life … So every Monday we have a series called ME: Motivation Encouragement. This is one way we can help you start your Monday off on the right foot! I saw this quote from and thought it would be fitting for today's article.

"Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working!"

And I would add "those who never gave up". Feeling tired (yes, I know it is Monday), discouraged, weary? Don't give up. Keep the faith even when it seems impossible. You never know what great thing(s) are in store for you! God will give you the strength to get through each minute, hour, day, month, year.

Be strong and of great courage!