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Inspired Living

Marathon tips!

Sarah Stanley

Got a marathon coming up? I hope these will help you!

Training tips:

#1) If this is your first marathon, make sure your goal is to finish (not your finishing time)

#2) Try to train in the morning if you can. This is when most races start. If you run at night, you will probably feel different on race day.

#3) Think: Long. Slow. Distance. Time on your feet. The goal is to get your body used to running for 3+ hours. Your long run should be around 20 miles. This could take you anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on your pace.

#4) Find a marathon training group. If you dread a long run, running with friends is key to a successful race.

#5) Test! This is the time try out your nutrition plan (tip: eat real food, avoid gatorade/sports drinks), clothes, gear, etc.

#6) Rest. Feeling tired? Cranky? Blah? Chances are you may need a little rest. Take a day or two off and you will come back stronger than ever!

Marathon Race Day tips

#1) Don't change anything! This means no new shoes, clothes, food, fluids. Use the same things you have trained with. This is what training is for.

#2) Support. Have friends on the course. I usually recommend miles 18-24. Depending on the course, the last 2 miles are probably filled with fans, so they can cheer you to the finish!

#3) Placement. Please get in the right corral. If you aren't running a 3 hour marathon, don't get in the first corral. Your bib number should tell you where you should start.

#4) Early bird! Get to the race with time to spare. You don't want to rush to the race.

#5) Start out slow. If it seems like other runners are rushing past you at lighting speed, that is probably a good thing. You want some mojo left at mile 24!

#6) Go with the flow. If this is your 1st marathon, just enjoy it, have fun, smile, run & finish. If this is your 10th, same thing applies :)

Photo by Zach Klein