I get a lot of questions on how I do what I do on a daily basis...."how do I get everything done?" "how do you find time to do it all?" "what is the secret?" I don't claim to know it all on this topic, but I do practice a few things in my life that may help you.... I don't know about you, but I think we all could use more time in our day.....and since we only get 24 hours in our day, how we use those hours is up to us. Or is it?

Think about it, do we let others dictate our schedule or do we set boundaries so that WE are making the most of each minute? So often we get caught up in responding to emails, answering phone messages or hanging out on "Social Media".  Facebook for example has every game, cause, sticker, "war", plants, flowers, etc known to man that you can get so caught up in responding or playing to "help" out your friend(s) & suddenly 30, 45 mintues has flown by! Is that really where you should be spending your time? If time is of no issue to you, then by all means, play all day!:) But I think each of us, like it or not could make better judgement with what we do with OUR time. Time is something that you don't get back. Are YOU making every second the best second you can?

I don't want you to think that we have to be perfect (we are human after all), but the next time you are going about your day, stop and think about how or what you are doing & ask yourself if you are using that time to the best of your ability:)

This is an ongoing topic, but for starters, here are some things to think about & **hopefully** you can put some of them into practice to make your life as productive & happy as it should be:)

#1) Have a plan! The night before, set a goal, a new intention for how you will use the day ahead of you to the best of your ability. Remember, we can't get back time, but we can plan for what is ahead. (Side note, if you need help with "a plan" please contact me).

#2) Get ready for the morning before you go to bed! For example going to the gym? Get out your clothes, gym bag, whatever you need. Even if you are going into the office, know what you are going to wear (I am serious). It's better to find a missing button the night before then the next morning. Doing this one little thing will not only help you in the morning but will save you time as well.

#3) Set time limits! In our tech world, we spend A LOT of time on responding to emails.  I recommend that you for every hour, you respond to emails only a max of 30- 45 minutes. Take the other 15-30 to work on what you need to.

#4) Set priority's! Since email was our last topic, let's use it again:) When you get an email, put it in one of 3 categories:

a) urgent

b) needs reply

c) can wait

After you do this quick assessment, then you can focus on what needs your attention the most. You will be more effective in your work when do you this simple little exercise!

This is part of 1 of a series in time management, if you have questions that you would like answered, email them to me & I will answer them!

Photo by Inocuo