You probably didn't think that an athletic/running/motivation site would talk about dating, relationships, etc. I guess it's not called "Thoughts From the Trail" for nothing! In my day-to-day life (and from my Tweet/Facebook stream), I come across many girls who are desperate to have a boyfriend or be in a relationship. While having a companion to share life with is in our core, there is right way to go about it. Don't be in a relationship or have a boyfriend just because. Be in a relationship because you care for that person.


To all single women: be okay being single. Be confident in yourself. A guy can't and won't fulfill you.


Let's face it, our culture expects us (women) to be in a relationship. If you aren't spoken for, then surely something must be wrong with you (maybe green hair wasn't the way to go after all).  Having a boyfriend doesn't mean you have "arrived".  It just means you are in a relationship.

To all my girl friends out there, remember these few things:

#1) Be secure with you.

#2) Build friendships with other women.

#3) Don't feel pressure to be in a relationship.

#4) Be okay being by yourself. You'll be a stronger girl for it.

#5) Love yourself. Before you can fall in love, you have to love yourself.

Photo by: hello-julie