Last week I had some pretty tough runs along with some good ones. Now, I know I can't have every run be perfect. BUT, after all I am a bit of perfectionist and to make matters worse, "I am type A" (although I think that is ok). If you read my blog or watched my video (what you didn't watch or read it? go do it NOW!) then you know my run the other day was a "run from hell". I mean it was not just bad. It was horrible. I was sick the ENTIRE time. I could not keep any fluids down. The hills seemed extra long. And the sun was extra hot. AND. Instead of running 12miles, I somehow added on an extra mile. Perfect! So, what happened? Oh, I finished alright. I was never so happy to see my car! And to sit down! After regrouping my thoughts. I wondered how a run could get any worse. I have had bad runs before. But that day seemed EXTRA special level of toughness.

So, driving back home, I was thinking of the song that I listened to a few times on the run. It is "Human" by the Killers. I played it a few times. I remembered that I am indeed human after all. I may push my self to some extreme limits, but just like everyone else, I am human. I am going to have good days & bad days. It's called LIFE. Instead of focusing on the bad days, I thought of all everything that I have been through & told myself, that if I could make it through those events, then a bad run is just a piece of cake. I knew that I would have better runs ahead.

Today was just one of "those" days. Tough times keep me grounded. And remind me that I am indeed human. BUT a girl that is driven to succeed and use the tough times I have experienced to encourage & inspire others.

I leave you with these thoughts (yeah, had more then one) for your Friday + weekend. When life gets tough, do you give in or kick back? Be a fighter. Life is what YOU make of it. Make your life a work of art. And it will be the best piece of art ever! Why? 'Cause you made it!

Photo by The Artifex