Whoa. Back-to-back posts on soda. I promise I'll talk about cupcakes and flowers tomorrow :). We all have our vices. Take me for example: I really enjoy a cupcake, or dark chocolate or a slice of warm cherry pie with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top. I have always admitted my sweet tooth. Here is the thing, though. I very rarely eat any of those things. I believe in moderation. I also know that because I am in the health, fitness, wellness field I am held to a higher standard then other people. I try really hard (with God's help) to walk the talk. Not just saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

I try to keep it real by posting, every now and then, a particular craving I might be having (the other night it was hot chocolate). But keeping it real versus living in contradiction with what you say are two very different things.

Recently, I have been seeing a certain health/fitness professional "check in" at McDonald's for their daily diet coke fix. Which surprised me, because we all know that diet soda/soda is one of the worst things you can put into your body.

Then the kicker came when I was on my Facebook page and it said that this person "likes" Mountain Dew and suggested that I "like" the page as well. Are you kidding me? I will go to my grave before I like ANY soda page. Or any page that is related to the current health (obesity) crisis for that matter.

And this isn't the only example. There are some others out there who recently went on a "clean" food plan, cut out alcohol and partying. When they had been preaching that message all along. Am I missing something? Are we just supposed to talk about living a healthy, fit life, but not really live it?

But I guess if you have a ton of followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook and say key words like "w00t," "woo hoo" and "yay - great workout," "you're a rock star!" and tons of other flowering words, then I guess it voids out what you do in REAL life.

Call me old-fashioned, but I try really hard to only say what I do (it's called living by example). And that means saying no to things I might enjoy on a regular basis.

If you are in the health/wellness/fitness field, please make sure your actions and lifestyle back up what you tweet, Facebook, video, etc., about. It is not an easy job, so back out now if you can't handle it.

Am I perfect? Hell no. I said that in the every beginning of this article. There is a fine line between a healthy balance (a cupcake or a soda every now and then won't kill you) and repeating unhealthy actions on a daily basis.

Not judging, just observing. If you are in the health/wellness/field, be careful what you post and like and most importantly how you live your daily life. People are watching and look up to us. Be a positive role model!

The fire is hot. Are you brave enough to walk through it?

Photo by: respres