How did you spend your 2013 Labor Day ? I've been buried deep in book writing and there is nothing better to me than watching the sunrise from a mountain top to clear my head and heart. I knew climbing a 14er would be madness on a holiday (I like to climb in peace) so I decided to go to one of my favorite trails and watch the sunrise as I ran. I don't own a car but this week some friends are out of town and so I have wheels!

I got up early and hit the trail. There is something so peaceful being by yourself running in the mountains hearing nature come to life.

I reached the mountain summit (just a small summit at 7000 feet or so) just as the sun was rising. It was glorious. (See cover photo.) I turned my Garmin off and just sat on the rocks looking over the mountain range. I closed my eyes and focused on the sounds around me. If you are looking for some inner peace, I recommend closing your eyes and using your senses (smell and hearing are the two I frequently I use) to calm the mind.

I did a few yoga poses and then continued on my run. I ran up and over the mountain down into Red Rocks when I preceded to do a grueling stair workout. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is mainly used for summer concerts. And fitness workouts! If you've never done a stair workout at 6400 feet, you are missing out on enjoying the lack of oxygen!


Some stairs on the backside of Red Rocks (running them at 6400 feet makes you feel the thin air!)

Some quick facts about Red Rocks:

  • 6400 elevation
  • 380 steps connect the lower parking lot to the upper concession area
  • The amphitheatre has 69 rows which equate to running about 3 miles (assent or descent)
  • Stage to upper parking lot has 83 steps on the each side

It was awesome to see so many people working out on Labor Day morning! Working out in thin air is something Coloradans pride themselves on :)

I did a 40 minute stair workout in the middle of my 10 mile run. Box (stair) jumps, leg lifts, curtsy lunges, sprint stairs, sprint stair box jumps, reverse lunges, regular lunges, single leg hops, squats, frog jumps. My legs were on fire running back! And this is something I 100% love. It's so good to feel alive and breathing and enjoying the freedom of life!

Saw a 12 point buck. Lots of other sweaty people. Stunning wildflowers. Lots of stairs.

How did you spend the holiday weekend? Did you get active? Go to farmer's market? Do something health+fun? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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