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Inspired Living

Keeping cool in the heat while running

Sarah Stanley

I have received many requests on breathing, keeping cool in the heat & WHAT DO I DO? So, here are a few thoughts on overheating. #1) try a slower pace, even if just 30-50 seconds slower per mile #2) try breathing with your mouth closed. This may sound strange or hard to do, but it actually cools you down when you can breathe through your nose. This takes a little while to get the hang of. Don't try to do the entire run like this, but start out trying it for 30-60 seconds and go back & forth between mouth open/closed. #3) make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate as much as you can before run/rides. Drink Smart Water (has the electrolytes s without the HFCS). I always try to drink at least 2 large (50oz I believe) before a long run/ride the next day. #4) Make sure you are NOT wearing cotton clothes!! This will make you hot for sure! #5) Try using a hat while on your run, will help to keep the sun from you face & may make you feel cooler over all.

Photo by ReneS