Tuesday! Riding, running and weight lifting day. I got out of bed and right away felt pain behind my left knee. Crap! Did I get injured in my SLEEP for pete's sake? Was really sore. Was able to walk, but with some pain. I was counting on riding to give my legs a nice break before running. So, after my usual bowl of Kashi (oh, how I love that stuff) I headed out. Ok, tried to. I discovered I had a flat. And no spare tubes left. Double sigh. Welcome to Tuesday morning kids. That totally rearranged my day. I was going to cycle to the gym, do weights, then cycle back. Yeah, right. Not going to happen. Had to get my tire fixed first. BUT. Thank god for friends. One came to my rescue and saved the day.

Back in business. Sweet. Rode 35 miles in 2:11. Maybe riding with cat 1's on Sunday helped after all. Left leg better, but not 100%.

In the midst of a typical insane day, I did manage to get a weight workout in. I lifted with my personal trainer friend. OMG. His workouts ALWAYS kill me. But I LOVE to change it up. Love that sore feeling. Had to go easy on leg work because of my left leg. Triple sigh.

Then still had to run 6 miles. I know why I don't run in the evening. It REALLY affected me. It was humid and hot. Was sick the whole time. I will spare you the graphic details. Somehow I managed to finish in 54 minutes. Not really sure how. Leg felt better running then walking. Go figure. Iced it afterwards.

The shower was priceless. A full day of sweat fests!

Tuesday over. Tomorrow is July. Another full month of miles ahead! YAY!

Photo by Turydddu