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Inspired Living

June 29 ~ Ah, a fish is born

Sarah Stanley

Training for today was a 12 mile run. Didn't think that it would be that hard. Well, I was wrong. Somehow 41% humidity was hotter then I thought. My plan was to actually run 13, then hike/climb 2 miles, then run another mile back. Clearly that did not happen. I ran the 12 in just under 2 hours. It should have taken me 1:43 or so. So, it was WAY slower then it should have been. I decided to go back later this afternoon and tackle the climb. It was a beautiful day. So beautiful in fact, that I was able to get in 3 sweat fests! I did go back and finish up the 4 miles on the trail. I love to climb this section. It really rocks (no pun intended)!

THEN. I am so proud of myself. I dragged my butt to the pool. I didn't have much time, but I warmed with 200's. Then did 5x200. Ah. A fish is born. BUT. Then the fish had to get back onto dry land. Sigh.

Photo by JennyHuang