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Inspired Living

June 28 ~ Elite weekend edition

Sarah Stanley

WHOA. Don't know what is up with this weekend! An email came across last night from a cyclist asking if anyone wanted to ride. Well, I had to ride. BUT. This guy is a category 1 rider. Wins major triathlons. Sponsored by Gatorade, Elite, etc. FAST. Like SUPER fast. I emailed him and asked if he wouldn't mind riding with a slow rider. He said that was fine. I didn't warn him that I talk a lot. I knew I would never keep up with him. BUT, OK. I have a riding partner for at least the start/end of ride! 8am. Michael and Mark also joined Kevin & I. MORE. SPEEDY. RIDERS. Shoot! I knew I was in trouble when my usual average pace was the slowest pace. I hung on for dear life. For all about 10 seconds. Mark, Michael and Kevin were extremely kind in waiting up for me. I was just proud of myself for actually trying to keep up. Michael & Mark had to be back at 10:30am, so they headed back while Kevin & I stayed out for some more miles. AND yes, some conversation. You have to have that now!

Arrived back at meeting location. Kevin & I rode 45 miles (with hills) in 2:43. OK. JOY! HAPPY! AWESOME! Well, for me at least. For Kevin that was like a walk (hm ride) in the park.

Thank you guys for riding with me! It was a delight to see how you cat one people do it. ONE day I will be there:)

And this is the conclusion of the elite workout edition.

Photo by Duchamp