Today's workout was oh such fun. I had to swim 1k meters to see what my time was. Ok, don't laugh. It was 24 minutes. Yeah, slow. BUT. I am going to work very hard on it and bring that time down. I could make a few excuses why my time is what it is, but I am not.  So, after pulling myself out of the water. I was not only thanking god that 911 didn't need to be called, but also thankful that I could run. My iPod died. No big deal. I usually run without it anyway. At the trail head, I spy perfect potential. Another runner looked liked he wanted company. Really, he did. So, I asked him how far he was going. Then he asked if he could join me. Sweet. Being iPod free is a great thing after all.

However, Ron didn't know what he was in for. The next 8.5 miles in 1.5 hours (tough trails) he had no choice but to listen to me. I tend to talk a lot if you didn't pick up on that yet. We had a great run. He was a MUCH faster runner than me. But he had compassion on me and ran at my pace. Thank you Ron! 

All in all, it was a fantastic run. I finished up with hot, power yoga afterwards.

Photo by Mike Baird