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Inspired Living

June 21 ~ There is a dry day after all

Sarah Stanley

Today was an off day from running! Had a long ride scheduled. Coach told me to take it easy. So I ditched the hills for a semi flat course. AND. The sky let me have a dry ride. Sweetness. Thank you clouds. Rode down to the National Zoo. Then back up again. Then back down to the other side of DC. Sun came out a few times. Had some stiff competition with the clouds.

Passed a cute guy in white tee shirt and white hat on Beach Drive. If you are reading this, feel free to contact me. Yes, I mean it.

From having run a marathon 24 hours previous, I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt. Always a nice treat!

Even though legs felt ok, I did feel sick on the ride. I had a headache and needed to eat, but couldn't. All in all, I rode 50 miles in a little over 3.5 hours.

Miles done. Rest of the day to tackle! And think about the white tee shirt.

Photo by D'Arcy Norman