On today's schedule coach Mike had (key word) 24 miles down. WELL. You know me. Being just a **little** competitive AND an overachiever-deadly combo-(funny I should mention the word death. Read on). I decided to add 2.2 miles to the training run. Yup, a marathon. Solo. No crowd support. No aid stations. No t-shirt. No music. No medal. Just me. And a brush with death twice. Ran the first 14 miles with some friends, so that was beyond cool. Since we ran out & back, I had my own little aid station ready to rock & run on the return.   Inhaled 1/2 PB&J sandwich & I was off again.

Humidity was 94%. Was like running in a VERY hot & dripping sauna. Can I market this idea?

Mile 22, I notice that the Mormon Temple is aglow. Odd for being 10:30am. Then I notice it getting dark. Then THUNDER. I nearly jump off the path. Lighting begins.  Brush with death #1. I pick up the pace. But the storm decides I am a REALLY good competitor. I also decide that it is time for a little speed work.


The car next to me thinks the same thing. Nearly kills me. Brush with death #2.

Thank God, I was able to jump just out of it's way. Talk about close. Scary.

Lighting AND thunder continued. Nothing I could do but run & pray for the best. Then the rain came. It was NOT a gentle rain. Nope, it came down with a vengeance. Forget dodging the rivers in front of me. I couldn't even hear me think! Yikes.

Lasted for about 2 miles. But the aftermath was still left on the path. Or what was left of the path.

Finished in 3:59:12. Just barely squeaked in under 4 hours. Whew! Dry clothes never felt so AWESOME!!

Still waiting for my black toe nails to fall off. Not sure what invite they need. But they need to accept it. NOW. RSVP is past due. (Toe nails, you HEAR this? Yes, that means you.)

Foot is not healed. Definitely  hurt on run.

Did Bikram Yoga tonight. Legs & feet wanted to cramp the whole time, but made it through the whole class without yelling out in pain. Nice.

Person next to me ate garlic AND onions RIGHT before class. Brush with death #3. Maybe that explains my headache.

Feeling a bit sick. Combo of exercise and illness. A night of peaceful sleep awaits me. I hope.

62 days to 100 mile run.

Photo by ComputerHotline