Today on my schedule I had a short 6 mile run. Didn't get to bed till around midnight and the alarm went off at 4:30am. Yikes. Feeling a little tired, but once I saw the daylight, I perked right up. Well, ok the legs were not feeling perky. But I told them they didn't have a choice. If they want to rock on August 22, then they have to get with the program! So, let me take this time to thank my dear legs. Legs, thank you for getting me this far. We have enjoyed many a mile, race and LIFE together. I know WE can do this. YES. WE can. I love you.

Today I was delighted to run with some of my friends. I had to run on blacktop, but was nice to chat with people instead of the usual thoughts in my head, lol!

Went out on the first 3 miles a little too fast, so the next 3 I took a little slower. Finished in 54 minutes. Legs were definitely feeling sore. Sweat fest done. Finished up with a an hour of full body weights later on in the morning.

66 days to go!

Photo by Rick