I woke up this morning & decided to double check my training schedule. Good thing I did. Coach Mike had 12 miles down. Somehow I was living in fantasy land thinking it was 10 miles. Oops! AND. I was finally able to leave the ark!  We have had more torrential storms in the last month then I don't know in how long. How nice of you mother nature to give us a little sunshine! We **almost** forgot what it was.

So, I take myself to the trails.  Haven't run this trail in a while. I know the course is tough. But didn't mentally prepare for this run though. Girl, was it BAD. I don't mean BAD. I mean horrible. The hills seemed extra tough and long.

To make matters worse. I was sick the ENTIRE time. I could not keep any fluids down. All I knew was that I was looking forward to getting back to my car! If I didn't die before hand!

AND. I also ran in mid day to get used to the sun/heat to prepare for the altitude in SD. Talk about training. This felt more like a battle!

THEN. Surprise. I saw I was over by a mile. I did 13! Woohoo!! I didn't die. Thank god. But this run kicked my butt. I did the run in over 2.5 hours. For me that is slow. You know something was wrong if that is the case!

BUT! I finished! I had yoga on my schedule, but had to skip it because I was to sick.

HAPPY thought: it can't get much worse then this. AND if it does, I know I can do it!

100 miler here I come! I am getting ready for you!! :)

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik