Hello from Traverse City, MI! OMG! When I arrived at the local airport yesterday, I thought I arrived at a spa. Seriously. Cutest. Airport. Ever.

Today is by far a very different post for me. I took the day off from formal training. I know. Shocker, right? My body sure was!

I had a pretty packed+fun day ahead. I am in Traverse City as a guest of the Cherry Marketing Institute. First thing this morning I attended "science 101" on tart cherries. Lots of great, life and health changing information I will be sharing with you soon. Don't miss it.

Then on to the cherry orchards. And I must state this. Today was the most beautiful day. Ever. The sun was out. The clouds were beyond picture perfect. A gentle breeze. And in farm land. I was in heaven!

The cherry farmers were so sweet and nice. They gave us a great tour. Even had cookies and cherry juice waiting for us in the middle of the tour!

Then we went on to Cherry Republic. If you haven't heard of this place, then you are missing out! They have almost 300 cherry products. Everything from fudge to trail mix to wine (the cherry wine rocked) to BBQ sauce to salsa, they have it.

Cherry Republic doesn't just have awesome products, but they have created a place that makes you want to stay. The signs will make you laugh and think. It is place you don't want to leave.

I got to speak with the founder & owner, Bob. His passion for what he does is so evident in the place he has created.

In the evening, it was time to hit the Cherry Festival! And to try more cherry products. I had a cherry pie smoothie and it was as yummy as it sounds.

So, it retrospect, I am not really sure if it was a day off or not. It certainly was not a day from eating! :)

Photo by Audreyjm529