Funny training for an ironman and a 100 mile ultra marathon at the same freakn' time. But really, I already was, just didn't know it. So, a brick workout is a ride, followed by a run. Or a swim right into a run or ride. I haven't really done a "brick" workout in a while. This should be interesting.

Went out for an early HILLY ride. I told the deer to go back to bed. Not sure if they agreed with me or not. The drivers certainly needed to go back to bed. They were in a very grouchy mood this morning. I came so close to being their breakfast. Or coffee. The hills seemed extra hard this morning as well. 25 miles in 1:35.

Got right off the bike, right into beloved running shoes. Ran 4 semi hilly miles in 36 minutes.

Lifted weights this morning as well. I love the feel of iron. Wish I had more time to lift. But then again, I already get asked if I play football, so maybe I don't need to.

To finish up the day, I ran 4 more miles. In 35 minutes. Sweat fest done. Brick over. And I feel like one too!

Photo by *clarity*

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