Whoa. Am I living in DC area? Let me pinch my self. No, better yet. Let me jump in the cold water. That will wake me up. Baby its cold outside! It was about 50 degrees. Swam 1200 meters. Did manage to break a little sweat. Not sure how, but I did. Starting to like the whole water thing. I am always starving after swimming. So ate a second breakfast while getting some work done. I also uploaded a CD to my iPod. New songs make me happy.

Had to run 14 miles, but had a blog/radio interview at 1pm, so ran 12 really quick. Even though it was cool this morning, it did heat up. I think I am getting used to running in the middle of the day. I am proud of my legs. They did awesome. Remember what I did in the last 48 hours? :)

After the interview and a few other things, I went back out to the trail and ran 2 more miles. Fast. 14 minutes to be exact. Baby, its hot out!

Photo by Inocuo