How did I celebrate America's Birthday? I am so glad you asked! When the alarm went off at 4:30am, I will admit, it was hard to roll out of bed. Don't fireworks start in the morning? No, they didn't, but turning the lights on seemed like a firework show!

After breakfast, filling bottles of water and other non traditional July 4th fluids, making a PB&J sandwich, I was on my way to the trail.

I was thankful to be able to run with Phil (read last Saturday's post) again. It was going to make the next 30 miles a **little** more enjoyable. Well, more then a little.

The weather was VERY un DC like.  Surprise, surprise.

The first 6 miles were as usual. Just getting warmed up. The next 10 were a bit better. Finally getting in the grove. Ran the first 16 in 2:33 (I think). Had half PB&J, some more water, then started off again.

Remember what I said about the weather being nice? Well, I take it back. It was humid. And the trail was now FULLY exposed to the sun. I noticed that I was drinking a lot more and so was Phil. The few mud puddles on the trail were looking more & more like water sources. THEN. HEAVEN. Around mile 20, we found a water fountain. Awesomeness.

The run continued on. I continued to talk. About mile 27, the Cliff GU shot I took kicked in. And when I was kicked in, I mean it. The 50mg of caffeine was wonderful. Phil kept trying to hold me back. Poor him. I could not hold back.

Ran 30 miles in 4:54. Super proud. Happy. Ready to run 70 miles more. Seriously.

Picked up a few bags of ice on the way home. And it wasn't for the BBQ, but a lovely ice bath.

Happy Birthday America from a girl who loves your trails. The outdoors. And the freedom to run.

Photo by Randy Son of Robert