WHOA! I won! Well, Meghan (my web/graphic designer) and I won the show down. That's always great news on a Thursday morning! Thank you for voting! To celebrate, I did a nice hilly, sweaty ride. Last ride for a WHOLE week. Yikes. So, I enjoyed the ride. Well, as much as I could. I got to thinking about Ironman. I MUST get faster. Rode 50 miles in 3:10. Ick!

I also got in an hour of weights. Last weight workout for a while. Sigh. I like my iron power! But, what is my goal? August 22 baby!

Goodbye Trek 5000. Will miss you the next week. I will be back. Don't miss me too much!

Thought for the day: winning may be the icing on cake. But don't forget all the ingredients it took you to bake that cake!

Photo by BingBing