Had a busy day ahead, so had to get my sweat fests done early. Went to bed kind of early. I was super tired.  When the alarm clock (dear blackberry really) went off at 4:30am I struggled to get up. Finally dragged myself out of bed. After breakfast, I went hit the pool deck. It was a beautiful morning out. VERY un DC like. So, the pool water was kind of cool. Jumped right in, swam 1200 meters. 

Then it was on to the trails for a quick 6 miles. That were not so quick. I don't swear but if I did, I would swear that I can't run anything below 10 miles and feel okay. What the heck? Ran 6 miles in 53 min. Yeah. Not good. 

Today's song that ran through my head was Say Hey (I Love You) featuring Cherine Anderson. Great tune! You got to check it out if you haven't. I think it will be a good song for mile 80. AND, I LOVE the water. Yes I do. Power of positive thinking at work. Seriously.

Photo by Wan Fauzan