So today is Tuesday and we ALL know what that means. A full day of training. I will make it quick. Even though my workouts were not. Basic recap:

My projects ran over this morning so I had to rush to make it to the gym for weight lifting. Had just enough time to eek out 2.25 miles on what else but the TREADMILL. Go me. The treadmill is NOT my thing:) Then did weights. After that I ran 7 miles, hiked/climbed 3. Did someone turn the hose on? I was soaked before I even left the car! Yuck! Felt great to climb. Funny, the trail was empty. Except for 4 boys around 8-10 years old. One kid had a frog & he showed it to me. I love kids! They also made sure to tell me that NOT to take the blue & white stick. I assured them I wouldn't. Never saw it.

Then it was onto meetings, more projects. Food. Water. Salt.

Back in the saddle for a 25 mile ride. Still slow. 1:33 (16.1 mph)

I REALLY wanted to get in a 4 mile run/brick workout but I had to settle for 2.25 mile in 22 minutes. I am ready for Ironman. I really like going from bike to run. I may regret saying that, but for now I do:)

Hardcore training over. Tired. Must sleep. Oh wait, was I supposed to taper?!

Photo by SashaW