Welcome to Monday kids! So, today I had a brilliant idea of bringing you all along for the "no sweets" ride with me. I have 24 days till my race. I need to focus on not eating sweets. I had my chocolate cake fix yesterday, so I should be good, right? Hardly! I like to eat a cookie every now & then, ya know? Well, goal is to put down the sweets. With help+support from you!

I had another insane day. Managed to get in a Pilates class. Yay. Go me. Then hit the trails for 10 miles. Had a somewhat scary incident. We have had some attacks in our area and I am still on edge. A guy with a bag was standing in the MIDDLE of the trail and NOT budging. I was not wearing an iPod. I quickly jumped on the side of the trail into some bushes, got around him and ran like my butt was fire for the next 30 seconds. Probably nothing. But still freaks me out!

Ran 10 miles in 1:30. Slow. I'll take it. It was very hot+humid out.

I finished up the day by hitting the pool deck. Swam 1100 meters in 40 minutes. Dreadfully slow. Wondering how I am ever going to survive 2.4 miles in OPEN water. I will do it. Just would like not to come in last on that leg!

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography