Happy 7th birthday to my little friend Jake! Well, not the "offical" day yet, but today was his birthday party. Hence the chocolate cake title:) You know how I LOVE birthdays, right?! It's not about the presents. It's about the chocolate cake & ice cream! Yes, I like my sweets. So, because the birthday party was in the morning, I moved my training ride to the late afternoon. Felt a little strange to ride as the sun set, but a very welcome change. Had a nice ride. I rode down to Mt. Vernon again.

Sun was hot. Bugs were BAD. (I didn't realize how bad till I got home). Saw a lot of cute guys. Planes. Cars determined to run me over (that never changes). And happy boaters on the Potomac. Did I say it was humid out? Well it was.

I don't usually stop to buy anything on rides, but I was pretty hot (as in sweaty:)) so I decided to stop at Safeway on the way home & get a cold beverage. Of course stood in line behind ANOTHER cute guy. What is today? Cute guy can't have day?

Well a bottle of Smart Water AND a Vitamin Water overflowed my 2 bottles. With me drinking some too! So, without any other option, I stuck the Vitamin Water bottom-where else -but my shirt!  Thank god for sports bra tank tops. It stayed in the middle for the next hour. I got some funny stares, but hey it worked and that is what counts! Thinking I might be on to something.

Almost back home and about dead, but my eyes recognized a familiar face. It was Wolf Blitzer walking with his wife. I waved hi. They did the same. I am sure they were glad the sweaty girl kept riding.

I knew I had swallowed a lot of bugs. But wow. I was WEARING them. My upper chest was BLACK. So to say a shower was delightful was an understatement. Well, the chocolate cake was pretty delightful as well:)

Rode 68 miles in 4:27 (15.8mph) kind of slow. Bleak!

Photo by ThaRainbowRaider