Talk about a sweat fest! With 58% humidity it felt like 95 out. Sweet (or sweat)! Decided to bare it. As in wearing minimal clothing, i.e. short, sports bra, shoes, socks and hat. Sorry animals for scaring you. Just trying to keep cool! My run was hard, no question about it. Kind of hard to breathe when you have a mask on your face. The first miles hurt like hell. And just like always, once I hit mile 10, legs got with the program. Phil ran with me, so it made the miles & the pain a little more bearable. That's a happy thought.

I also did a bit of reflecting while running. Today was my last long run. I can't believe that I am writing that! I have trained my heart, soul, mind, legs & body out for this race. Everything comes down to the next 25 days. And by everything I mean taper. I know I have put in the miles. The dedication. The early mornings. The kick butt speed workouts sessions. Which brings me to my final thought.

For the month of July I set a goal of running AND cycling 1000 miles. Yes, 1k miles. Well, with 6 days to go and traveling 2 of them, I knew that I could do it. But die in the process. Didn't really want that to be the goal. So after much thought & pray last night I decided that I would not go after the 1k goal this month. I am going to be so freaking close that it will be tough to not go after it. But I know my body will thank me. After all, my main goal is a little something on August 22.

Ran 26 miles in 4 hours. Nice training run done. Must. Focus. On. August 22.

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