Good morning self. Let me BOLT you out of bed with a a calf cramp. After a few tears were shed (yes, I did shed 2). I knew that my early bird swim was out of the question. Swimming after a cramp is just never a good thing. Ever. So, I changed my schedule around and got some projects done first.

Then it was time to take my butt to the trail. Phil joined me & good thing. I really didn't feel like running this morning.  Wasn't really sure how I was going to feel, so I gingerly started out. And let me just state for the record that the first 1.5 miles was HARD+painful. SOOOO bad in fact, I had to stop & walk. Dislike that!! A lot. After I hit mile 6, I felt MUCH better.

Interjection. I wish the first 10 miles would just vanish. They always suck for me. My legs always feel like they are running in rivers of mud.  Ok, done with my vent.

I was thankful to be able to run 10 miles in 1:40. Very slow for me. But I have to remember that the goal is August 22. Not today.

I made sure I had extra salt with me lunch today. I don't get much sodium and I know what happens. It's very painful. So, note to self, pass the salt!

Then it was on to the pool. Felt funny to swim in the afternoon. What were all the people doing in MY water?! LOL! Had a pretty typical swim. Slow. Steady. Out of breath. And then a 4 year old little boy preceded to beat me in the lane. I high five'd him at the end. The smile he gave me was worth being beaten. That my friends is why it is nice to swim slow. Sometimes.

Photos by kevindooley