WHOA! One month till my race! Can't believe it! Started off my day with Pilates. I highly reccommend that you try this if you haven't already. Takes a few classes (weeks/months) to see results. But SO worth it.

So hot+humid today. Wasn't able to start my run till 12:30pm. PRIME hotness. Like always the first 4 miles sucked. Everything always hurts. Then after mile 6, 8 and finally 10, I felt good (as good as one can in the HEAT) and speed up for the last 4 miles.

Total: 14 miles in 2:15

Today I noticed that:

a) geese are growing up so fast. No longer baby's!

b) the trees are REALLY green (remember when I had to live in a ark?)

c) it really is humid

d) dc weather is living up to its name

e) I am STILL craving chocolate, grapes and watermelon

f) its great to be alive

Photo by gui.tavares