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Inspired Living

July 21 ~ De-stress, de-jet leg, de-anything

Sarah Stanley

72 hours aways. 24  of those spent flying. Got in at 1 am. Thank god I had a ride to take me home. Barely got into bed, only to get up again to make early morning talk. Was still getting the sleep out of my eyes as I rushed over to the coffee. What time is it again? I am not really sure. The last 72 hours have been a whirlwind. Welcome home. To humidity. All 88% of it! Stalled with training today. I was still trying to figure out what time it was. Poor body. I did finally drag my butt onto my Trek 5000. Remember what I said Sunday? Well, I still mean it. But it was wicked hot. And where did the hills come from? And hello to the sun! Rode 25 miles in  1:35. Felt GREAT to unwind from traveling & jet lag.

Wanted to get a brick workout in, but legs said no way girl! And you know what? I went with that thought. My race is in x days. Time to start taking it easy. Laugh out loud. Yeah right. ME?! Well, I am going to try. Wanted to run 6 miles. Settled for a 4.3 mile walk in just under an hour. I’ll take it. Legs, you got a break tonight. Remember that.

Photo by lapiaf.geo