WHOA!!! What a fun morning+afternoon+evening that was! Got to see David Beckham play. Toured Nurtilite Laps. Meet & greet at Beverly Hills Ritz with AC Milan. Awesome. Woke up t the bright beautiful sun. Gloirious morning! Glad to be alive!

Had 14 miles to tackle. I knew my route. Nice to know where I was running! I must say I LOVE this weather. Sun. NO HUMIDITY. Rocks. Saw 2 whales. Did take a quick second to dip my feet in the sand. Ran 14 miles in 2:19.

Quickly hit the hotel pool. Only had time to swim 500 meters. BUT. I got a really great tan. Good thing I didn't have any more time. I might have sacred everyone when I come home tonight!

Quickly shot some videos. Packed. Sunburn pain slowly fading. On way to airport. Layover in Denver. Back in DC at 1 am.

Thanks for having me Long Beach. I will be back!

Photo by CLF