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Inspired Living

July 2 ~ a song I dig

Sarah Stanley

Whoa. Off day from running. Needed it. Legs are feeling tired.  I rode to the gym to lift. Such a sweat fest. I didn't realize how heavy a pair of sneakers, towel and weight lifting gloves could be. My backpack was soaked when I got to the gym. Nice. Lifted. Did I ever say how much I like to lift? Well, I do:)

Back on the bike. Quads and legs felt the climbs on the way back. And dodging mad golf spectators was a bit scary. But my dear Trek and I told them who's boss! 25 miles done. 

To finish up the day, I went to spin class taught by K. A pro triathlete. The group I rode with on Sunday morning. I guess I did okay hanging on for dear life, cause  I got invited back for more fun! Rode about 18 miles. Always funny to sweat inside a fridge. 

So. I have been "digging" a song daily. Kind of fun. I am going to share here. Found it on a friends video (thanks Peter). Song: Chorus (pure trance mix) by Erasure. Great beat. Think it would be perfect for like, um, maybe like mile 77 of 100? Yeah, I think so.

Photo by RossinBossioB