Whoa. What a night. After my trek to find aloe vera gel, water and food, I was wiped! Yes! Energizer bunny was tired! :) Surprise, surprise. So today was going to be spent with Nutrilite/AC Milan. Super fun day. But no long ride! I wanted to get in 10 miles so I could have 200 miles (again) for the week.

Went to the hotel gym. Rode on a stationary bike. SO NOT THE SAME!! I will never complain about riding in the heat or rain again. Hold me to that:)

Then a for NICE change of pace I went on the elliptical. Finished up with a little core work. Got in my 10 miles. I am happy. I can call it a day.

Ready for a fun day. Getting to meet AC Milian. Marta. And faboulus people at Nutrilite! W00T!

Photo by jpockele