So, I knew today was going to be a VERY long day. I knew I had to get my butt up super early (as if 4:30am is not early enough already). Had to get some work done before training and flight. I quickly got ready. Dove right into the pool. Managed to swim 1100 meters in 45 minutes before being chased out by the teen swim club. Now time to run.

A little background. I got new shoes yesterday. I had gotten a pair last week and it caused an usual blister on the top/side of my right of my foot. I have been in this shoe (Asics Gel Evolution) for the last 5 years. I love them and they love me. So, I knew that it was the shoe, not my foot. So, I exchanged it yesterday. Ok, now we can move on.

I was really curious to see how my foot would react. I started out. Do I feel it? Nope, no pain yet. Sweet. My run was not only a HUGE sweat fest, but it was also a chase. Yup! I was chased the ALL way down the trail by some really nasty horse fly's. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing/feeling them, then consider yourself lucky. They REALLY bite. And it hurts. I am so glad I am not a horse. Makes me have great appreciation for horse's. I know why they have a tail!

Ran 12 miles in 1:53. I'll take. It was wicked hot out.

Long day ahead. Catching flights to Long Beach, CA, via Denver. 24 hour day has just begun!

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