Thursday! Off day from running. Double ride day. Legs get ready! Went out for a quick spin. Well, let me rephrase that. I thought it would be a quick spin. It was not. Legs wanted to spend more time sleeping I think. They missed the memo that they had to ride. It was quite warm out and it only got hotter as the ride wore on. The cars had very grouchy drivers this morning. I became so close to being road kill, I almost re-thought the whole riding thing. Even the deer were afraid. Didn't see one! The hills seemed hiller then usual. Is that possible? So much for another PR.

I rode 25 miles in 1:38. Must. Do. Better. Next. Time.

Now on to some iron love (aka weight lifting). That always lifts my spirits. Not that my upper football body needs it, but it feels oh so good to lift!

The day was indeed HOT. The last thing I wanted to do was to go on another ride. But that was the plan! So, back on the saddle I went. I did pick a semi flat route. Didn't want to totally melt on hills at the start ya know! So, I did hills at the start and end. Still melted.

Rode 32 miles in 2:03 (15.6mph)

Goodbye bike. I will miss you. I leave tomorrow for CA. You will be in my thoughts!

Photo by Eleaf