Today was a mixed day. Started off by jumping in the pool. If I swore, I would swear that I get slower each time I swim. Water was pretty warm this morning. It is fun to swim and see the sky though. I always pray that the birds don't bless me, if you know what I mean! In the end, swam 1100 meters in 42 minutes. I'll take it. Ironman here I come. Dead or alive! Then it was on to a run #1. I needed to run 10 miles, but work projects in the morning kept pushing my run later & later. So I only had time for an hour run before dashing off to a meeting. To say my run was from hell, would be an understatement. I could not get going to save my life. Perhaps I did drown in the pool this morning and just didn't know it! Being hot+humid only made matters worse. In the end, I ran 6.5 miles in an hour. Slow. Hell. Let's move on.

Run # 2) So, after my meeting, I was by one of my favorite trails. Although this is a fairly tough trail, I still needed more miles. And, let's face, it couldn't get much worse then run #1! I arrived at the trail and when I stepped out of my SUV, I was hit by the 88 degree sun and heat. I was really hoping that the trails would be cooler. And, you know what, they were! Score! I was running happily along and then I noticed something. Luscious red raspberries. Score! I stopped, stuffed my mouth and slowly ran down the trail. Then I spied some more. Double score!  I had all the berries to myself. I was in heaven. Sorry bears, but thank you for sharing. It made my day. I really wanted to make jam as well, but that will have to wait. In the end I ran 3.5 miles in 36 minutes. VERY SLOW. BUT. Heaven on earth due the yummy red things. So I am happy.

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