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Inspired Living

July 13 ~ Shirt off!

Sarah Stanley

Welcome to Summer kids! As in "welcome to the 3 H's of DC weather". I guess it didn't want to disappoint us. It was really humid out today. And hot. Did I say humid? Started the day off with a dunk in the pool. Swam 1500 meters in 42 minutes. STILL feel like a beached whale. But the good news is that I am liking the water again. And that is HUGE! The Ironman goal is starting to sink in (pun not intended).

Then it was off to the trails. Right away I could tell that it was "less clothes the better" kind of run. But, I am not a big fan of wearing just a sports bra+shorts. So, I kept my tank top on. Well, by mile 1, that came off. It was the right choice. Made the next 15 miles a lot more pleasant. Not sure if the animals or nature agreed or not. Sorry guys, I will work on my 6 pack. By the end of training this year, you will run because you will be surprised at how good I look, not because I scared you.

I ran 16 miles in 2:19. Perfect pace. Felt great. Wait a minute, didn't I just ride 91 miles yesterday? Crazy! Shirt off to that!

Photo by Evoo73