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Inspired Living

July 12 ~ Tour de frustration

Sarah Stanley

The last few days have been, um, a little tough. And I don't mean the training. I am talking about life. Sometimes things happen that make you go "whoa, where did that come from?". So, yes, I had just a few things make me, shall we say frustrated? Ramon met me at 6am for a long ride. Already the sun was out and it was hot. Talk about a sweat fest. OMG. It was a hot ride.

We had planned to only ride 70 miles. BUT we were feeling so good, that we decided to keep on riding. We basically did a century of Maryland and DC. We rode from Potomac to Bethesda to the DC National Zoo to Georgetown then past the Pentagon to Alexandria to Mt. Vernon. And then back again. In the end we rode 91 miles in 6 hours. Maybe Lance will have some more competition in the near future! :)

I think it helped release some frustration. But not all. I took a 5 mile walk later in the day. That was enjoyable. Almost 200 miles (run+cycle) for the week. Now, that is something to celebrate!

Photo by SC Fiasco