Flew in last night. Barely got to bed before the alarm went off at freakin' 3;30am! OMG! I am crazy! Quickly got over the thought of staying in bed and rolled out. Yes, rolled, just not a jumping kind of morning- had no energy for that! Ate my Kashi with rice milk while prepping for the run. I always feel like I am packing for a family of 10 when I get ready. Planning for long runs takes a bit of work. And really good planning at that.

Met Phil at the trail a little before 5am. It was dark. First 6 miles sucked as usual. Then with each mile, it got better. Ran 23 miles in 4 hours. How cool to be done with a long run by 9am on a SATURDAY?!! Woohoo!

Took Phil to the metro to crew for a friend who is running Badwater Ultramarathon Monday. I was back home at 10:30am. Worked the rest of the day. So tired.

Welcome home to me!

Photo by extranoise