Happy July! I really think time is a body with really, really, really fast legs. It goes by in the blink of an eye!  So, to recap, last month between running and riding, I did 633 miles. Holy crap. I need to get a punch card and redeem it. 

Wednesday is always a kick butt run for me. Speed work. Its kind of like a 4 letter word for me (and I don't curse). 

Started the day out with a nice swim. Warmed up with 200, then only had time to do 4x200's before the teens kicked me out. Guess I am starting to look older. Was starving when I got back. Having 2 breakfast's before 8:30am always makes me feel like I am eating ALL the time. BUT I had a killer run coming up, so had to eat. 

Had to run 3 easy, then 6 at 7:40 pace, then 1 easy. I don't think I hit 7:40's on all of the miles, but did run all 10 miles in 1:25. It was hot and humid out again. Still running in the weather to get me ready for you know what. 

Talked with coach today. Always a treat. 

Made fresh peach+blackberry crisp. Will post video/photos/info.

Photo by Darwin Bell